On location in the Pyrenees

On location in the Pyrenees

Julien Mazard is a director, photographer and outdoor enthusiast based in southwest France. He recently spent a day shooting in Ordessa in the Spanish Pyrenees and put our V-SJT3 Smock Field Jacket to the test.

On a nice Saturday morning , shortly after a snowfall Julien Mazard did what he likes to do on the weekends and hit the Pyrenees for a hike carrying a couple of analog cameras.

It was a beautiful day with fresh ankle high snow in the Spanish Pyrenees when Julien left the car park with 2 cameras and a couple of snacks in the back pockets of his V-SJT3 Smock Field jacket.

VOITED Smock Field Jacket with Julien Mazard

On his way up, he snapped some shots of the beautiful waterfalls in the canyons before reaching the plateau which sits right at the bottom of « Monte Perdido ».

The snow got a little too deep to continue to the end of the trail so he stood there for a while, admiring the surrounding peaks and enjoying the quiet. Silence is a rare commodity when you work in media and it’s enjoyable to be able to disconnect in the weekends.

Photographer Julien Mazard on location in the Pyrenees with the VOITED Field Smock jacket

As the day progressed, sunlight started to disappear behind the ridge and it was time to start heading down. It’s crazy how time flies when you stop to capture nature’s beauty on film.

By the time Julien got back to the car, it was dark and temperature had dropped to sub zero. Time to start the engine, turn on the heater and head back home.

It was another day spent in the outdoors with minimal amount of gear for maximum enjoyment.

VOITED Smock Field jacket on test in the Pyrenees

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