About Charlotte Webster

Charlotte was born in the early 80's near some large green fields and giant beech trees in the East of England. She grew up in a home filled with art, crafts, artists - making, doing and fixing from an early age. She is drawn to big skies, big horizons and big seas and has spent many an hour walking, sailing, skiing, climbing and adventuring. Her work vividly celebrates the beauty of the natural world, exploring our relationship with nature, the quietly powerful spirit of connectedness and ancient signs and symbols.

A self-taught artist with a fascination for exploring the natural world, Charlotte studied Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol, and juggled her passion for drawing throughout her study. For the past 16 years she has built a career in building environmentally positive brands & campaigning for climate action working across renewable energy, ethical finance & the arts. As an environmental campaigner with a passion for contemporary art and culture she currently works with other creatives to bring about a better future powered by renewable energy.

“A self taught artist, writer, designer & maker, there's nothing I love more than being in the big outdoors. I want to actively create a world that is in balance with nature & work with organisations that share this philosophy.”

Charlotte Webster