Outdoor Poncho - 2nd Edition

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Male Model: Height 1.89m, Size L/XL
Female Model: Height 1.80m, Size S/M

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Outdoor Poncho - 2nd Edition Black
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    Outdoor Poncho - 2nd Edition Black
    Out of stock, send me an e-mail

    Product Details & Fit

    Your versatile and roomy changing station, offering extra insulation and a quick-dry, towel-like interior. It's packable, making it a practical choice for on-the-go adventures.

    • Waterproof outside with a towel-like inside, this oversized poncho is made from 100% recycled 50D REPREVE® Ripstop fabric.
    • Quick-dry microfiber fleece lining sheds moisture, making it ideal for post-surfing or wild swimming activities.
    • Features a hooded design for a graceful wetsuit change or as a personal shelter, combining practicality with comfort in outdoor gear.

    The Outdoor Poncho is machine washable at 30ºC (86F). Please use minimal detergent and do not tumble dry

    Roomy fit

    Dimension & Weight


    Pillow size: 14.2x8.2x8.2inch (36x21x21cm) for convenient small pack volume for moving around

    Weight (average):

    980g / 2.16lbs / 34.6oz

    Fit: Oversized cutting to allow changing inside or just wear over your wetsuit as additional personal shelter. We recommend you take your own size if you would like a more roomy fit and a smaller size if you prefer your hooded poncho to be more fitting.

    Product Features

    Materials & Sustainability

    Our Ponchos are made with cutting-edge materials, all while prioritizing environmental sustainability.

    The main Ripstop fabric is made using 100% recycled 50D Ripstop REPREVE® fabric laminated with 18.000mm waterproofness on the inside.

    Bionic Finish®Eco - Fluorine Free finish for added wind and water-repellency. It is the first renewably sourced, plant-based, non-fluorinated fabric treatment for durable water repellency and is manufactured with 60 percent renewably sourced raw materials.

    A Quilted mid-layer of 3D Synthetic Featherlight 100% recycled polyester yarn made by Sugenro for additional insulation:

    Body (60g / 0.13lbs per square meter).

    Quick-dry, absorbent microfiber fleece lining on the inside sheds any moisture.

    3D Featherlight

    Our innovative TRFF technology utilizes a unique three-dimensional grid structure with stiffer and finer fibers to mimic the insulating properties of goose down. This blend effectively traps heat, offering warmth comparable to natural feathers. With exceptional compression and rebound properties, it's easy to store and travel with, ensuring consistent warmth over time. VOITED gear featuring TRFF technology offers high-performance insulation without compromise, ideal for lightweight outdoor adventures.


    REPREVE® is the world’s leading brand of recycled performance fiber. Made from post-use plastic bottles, using recycled instead of virgin polyester produces fewer carbon emissions, and giving plastic bottles a second life keeps them out of oceans and landfills.

    Bionic-Finish® Eco Fluorine Free treatment

    Bionic-Finish® Eco combines ecology with pioneering, textile water repellent finishing for ultimate performance. Developed based on a technology which is environmentally friendly and fluorine-free using highly branched polymers.

    VOITED 2nd Edition Outdoor Poncho for Surfing, Camping, Vanlife & Wild Swimming - Black Reviews