Queen of the North Sea Contest

Queen of the North Sea - Cold Water Surf Contest

Queen of the North Sea - Cold Water Surf Contest

UPDATE: It's a GO for the competition on the 23rd of March! Hurry and register by emailing queenofthenorthsea@gmail.com TODAY!

It’s not too late to register for the Queen of the North Sea, the all-women’s surf contest hosted by VOITED Ambassador Eva de Koning. Do you live up north and close to Scheveningen? Every Wednesday in the next three weeks the call will be made if the contest runs on the upcoming Saturday or Sunday, depending on the North Sea forecast.

Contest Format is about sharing the stoke

“Queen of the North Sea” is a special contest format, where it’s all about the fun! VOITED Ambassador Eva de Koning told Surf Girl Mag:

“This competition is [...] about establishing and expanding the community and learning how to compete. It’s about sharing the stoke with girls of different levels and on different boards. We surf in heats with all categories, so a shortboarder, longboarder and beginner could be in the same heat. This opens the competition up for different people, and allows us to share stories and learn from each other.”

The following categories are being judged:

- Open Longboard

- Shortboard

- Funboard Softtop

- Retro Shape (single of twin under 8ft)

- Grommets (U16)

Register by emailing queenofthenorthsea@gmail.com with: your name, email address, age and category you would like to enter today!


VOITED products will not only keep the Queen of the North Sea judges warm but will also be featured as prizes for the winners in each category.

Head over to the Queen of the North Sea’s Instagram to follow the fun this year if you can’t make it and learn more about previous events!

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