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Can you give us a short introduction of yourself including some info on your blog and how long you've been running and what type of runner you are?

Hi! I’m Helen, one of the founders and managing editor of Trail & Kale Running Co., a website that aims to empower you with independent running shoe reviews, tips and free training plans.

I’ve been running since my mid-20s. I started off not being able to run a mile in one go, but quickly discovered a drive and passion for running that led me to traveling all over the world to run in beautiful places and challenge myself, and, of course, to establish Trail & Kale in order to share this love of running with more people!

Why are you such a fan of the Trooper blanket, why is it great for pre and post running?

As one of the more intense forms of exercise, you’re going to be getting hot and sweaty for most of your runs, but it may be cold outside before you get moving, and especially after your run and are still sweating!

Having a warm puffy Trooper poncho at home or in the car to throw on is such a great hack to prevent you getting cold while you warm up pre-run, or stretch and cool down post-run. It also acts as a great changing robe if you want to quickly get out of sweaty or dirty running gear.

It’s great for running events too, especially trail races, when you’re spectating or with a group of friends who can share it as a blanket to sit on together while you cheer runners across the finish line.

The Trooper is super-durable, water-repellent and made with 100% recycled materials, which I love and means it stands up to plenty of wear-and-tear through regular use - plus, if you do get it dirty while outside enjoying it, it’s machine washable!

Trailrunning: top tips for beginners

Here are my top 3 tips for new runners:

  1. Start slow and build gradually: Many beginners make the mistake of pushing too hard, too fast. I recommend starting at a comfortable pace and distance, then gradually increasing the mileage each week - this helps prevent injuries and makes running a sustainable part of your lifestyle. The best way to do that is by following a training plan such as our Couch to 5k program.
  2. Prioritize consistency over intensity: It's better to run shorter distances more frequently than to go all out once a week. Consistency helps your body adapt to the new demands of running, and it's crucial for building endurance and strength over time.
  3. Invest in the right running shoes: Wearing appropriate running shoes is vital for comfort and injury prevention - and other smaller items such as wearing good running socks will also make a huge difference to your comfort and enjoyment when running.

Our guide to running for beginners has other tips and resources that will be helpful for anyone new to running or simply looking for advice on how to run stronger, faster and injury-free!

What gets someone who's already been running for a while to the next level?

It really depends on what your goal is, for example, do you want to run a certain distance faster, or are you looking to challenge yourself in other ways, whether that’s running further, such as tackling a half or full marathon, or even hitting the trails and taking on trail running races that go up to marathon distance and beyond.

Once you have a goal in mind, the best way to ensure your training is focused on achieving it is to find and follow a training plan, which isn’t just about what runs to do each week, but also prioritizes recovery, eating and sleeping well, and caring for your mind and body so it can perform to its potential.

How long have you known about VOITED and what other products are great for runners?

I’ve been a fan of VOITED since the company launched and I first got to know about them - the CloudTouch® blankets are so fantastic that I have more than one, including a Pet Blanket for my spoilt dog, and a Mini Traveler for my son, which are awesome for travel, camping or simply nights in on the sofa - because runners need to chill and recover well when we’re not running!

Why should people check the blog and follow you guys?

Our mission at Trail & Kale is to make running more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, you'll find valuable resources like in-depth gear reviews, expert running tips, and free training plans tailored to various levels. We're here to help you improve, find the right gear, and perhaps most importantly, enjoy every step of your running journey. Our content is crafted with a genuine passion for running and a commitment to fostering a supportive community, and we are excited to share our passion for running with you!

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