The ultimate 3-in-1 poncho-blanket designed for surfers, campers, and van lifers. With its eco-friendly materials and water-resistant shell, the Trooper ensures you stay cosy, dry, and comfortable during every adventure.

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Meet the CloudTouch® Outdoor PillowBlanket™: Your ultimate 4-in-1 companion for van life, camping, travel, and home comfort.

Featuring recycled Ripstop on one side and luxuriously soft CloudTouch® fleece on the other, this blanket is as durable as it is versatile. Stain-resistant and machine washable, it's ready for any adventure or cozy night in.

  • Higher insulation, ultimate comfort
  • 4-in-1 functionality for adaptability
  • For cool nights, when you need extra warmth (8°C/46F)

Looking for a less insulated blanket? Try Fleece or Ripstop

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Introducing the Original 4-in-1 PillowBlanket™: Your go-to blend of technical prowess and cozy comfort.

Crafted from 100% recycled plastic bottles and featuring insulated, machine washable construction, this versatile accessory transforms from a blanket to a pillow, sleep sack, and even a waterproof cape. Made with eco-conscious 50D Ripstop REPREVE® fabric, it's your durable, water-repellent, and stain-resistant companion for van life, hiking, picnics, and beach outings.

  • Exceptional durability with Ripstop material
  • Excellent water resistance and easy to clean
  • Your basic shelter for chilly evenings (13ºC/55F)

Looking for a warmer blanket? Try CloudTouch® or Fleece

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A versatile camping essential for outdoor enthusiasts, our 4-in-1 blanket is crafted from recycled materials, featuring Ripstop fabric for durability and Polar Fleece for warmth.

Ideal for van life, hiking, picnics, and beach outings, it offers water-resistance and quick-drying properties, ensuring comfort in any weather.

  • For outdoor adventures in unpredictable weather
  • Extra warmth, wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Extra insulation for cooler temperatures (10ºC/50F)

Looking for a thicker blanket? Try CloudTouch®

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Ripstop Travel

Our Travel Blanket is a versatile, packable hooded blanket made from 100% recycled materials.

Ideal for travel and outdoor adventures, it doubles as a blanket, pillow, and hands-free cape, offering protection in unpredictable weather. Compact and lightweight, it comes with a compression sack for easy storage.

  • Lightweight and portable for travel adventures
  • Provides convenient warmth and comfort during travel
  • Light cover for warmer weather (13ºC/55F)

Looking for a bigger blanket? Try Ripstop or Trooper.

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Slumber Jacket

A groundbreaking fusion of a cozy coat and a versatile sleeping bag, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking warmth and mobility.

Designed for maximum convenience and crafted with cutting-edge materials, this wearable blanket seamlessly transitions from a puffy coat to a full-body sleeping bag without sacrificing warmth. Perfect for outdoor adventures, from camping to music festivals.

  • A revolutionary wearable blanket - thermal body protection, maximum mobility
  • PrimaLoft® RISE insulation and 100% recycled Ripstop REPREVE® polyester: water repellency, breathability, and durability
  • Keeps you warm in the cold (7ºC/45F)

Looking for a sleeping bag blanket? Check out the Slumber Zip Sack

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Slumber Zip Sack Blanket

Your go-to solution for ultimate comfort whether you're camping, living the van life, or simply relaxing at home. This innovative blanket doubles as a cozy sleeping bag, ensuring warmth and comfort during chilly nights.

Made with recycled, breathable materials and a water-repellent shell, it offers extended seasonal warmth without compromising on eco-friendliness. Ideal for various outdoor activities, it seamlessly combines practicality with eco-consciousness.

  • Transforms easily from blanket to snug sleeping bag with superior insulation for cocoon-like warmth
  • Insulated with recycled, breathable materials and a water-repellent shell for resilience against the elements
  • Keeps you warm on cool nights (7ºC/45F)

Looking for a more compact blanket? Try a 4-in-1 PillowBlanket™

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Versatility and sustainability in one innovative design. Crafted from 100% recycled REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fabric, this weather-resistant, multi-functional poncho-blanket not only keeps you warm and dry but also helps combat ocean plastic pollution.

Engineered for durability and comfort, with premium quality, water-repellent properties, and a commitment to sustainability it's perfect for surfers, van lifers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike, offering multi-use functionality to keep you prepared for any adventure.

  • 3-in-1 versatility (poncho, blanket, changing robe)
  • Eco-friendly, water-resistant and breathable materials from ocean-bound plastic bottles
  • Optimal warmth down to 11ºC (52F)

Looking for one or the other? Try the Ripstop Blanket or our Poncho

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Picnic & Beach Blanket

The Picnic & Beach Blanket is your go-to companion for leisure exploring, offering durability, lightweight convenience, and packability in one.

Designed with dual-sided functionality, it features micro-fleece for quick-dry comfort on one side and Ripstop REPREVE® fabric for durability on the other. With the added Bionic Finish® Eco Fluorine Free treatment, it enhances water resistance for added protection against the elements. Plus, its hidden valuables pocket provides secure storage for your essentials.

  • For all grounds, festivals, picnics and beach trips
  • Moisture protection and abrasion resistance
  • Light cover for warm days (18ºC/64F)

Looking for a more insulated blanket? Try Ripstop

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Mini Traveler

The Mini Traveler is the perfect eco-conscious PillowBlanket™ for your little explorers, offering a versatile solution for comfort during family trips or outdoor activities.

Crafted with lightweight insulation and water-repellent materials, it serves as a cozy blanket, pillow, sleep sack, or even a double sleeping bag. Perfect for camping, van trips, cuddling in bed or making blanket forts.

  • Versatile design for various uses: blanket, pillow, sleep sack, or double sleeping bag
  • Lightweight and insulated for comfort and practicality
  • Eco-consciously designed

Looking for a larger blanket? Try CloudTouch®

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Pet Blanket

The durable, waterproof, and eco-friendly option for your furry companions. Crafted from recycled Ripstop fabric with antibacterial and antistatic treatment.

Its versatile design makes it suitable for protecting furniture, car seats, or providing comfort during outdoor activities, complete with a convenient food bowl. Easy to clean and carry, this pet blanket offers a cozy and eco-conscious solution for pets on the go.

  • Insulated and waterproof design for warmth and durability
  • Versatile use: protects furniture, car seats, and provides comfort during outdoor activities
  • Eco-friendly construction with recycled materials and easy-to-clean features
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