Meet Viki & Cleo, a travel addict and the best dog in the world. Together they travel the world and live full time in their sustainable converted camper van.

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The road trip was actually planned for a couple of months but three years later we still keep on rolling. What we love about van life is to live so close to nature. Experiencing the outdoors right in front our doorstep, makes every day an adventure. The best thing is, that we don’t have to choose. Today we can have a house by the beach and go to climb a mountain tomorrow, we can wake up in the forest and visit the most beautiful city after breakfast.

 As romantic as van life is, it is also raw and real. You really experience the weather, something we almost lost in our modern lives. You feel the change of the seasons, you grow a new relationship to rain and you’re the first to know when the sun is back out. Also, you’re always available for sunset and there’s no chance you’ll miss a thunderstorm.


No shower, an out-door-kitchen only, 3 weeks of rain, getting stuck in the mud, navigating though unknown roads, meeting new people. Every day in the van is different, every day is new. I’ve never felt this alive.

Sometimes my old friends or family ask me, when I come back to “real life” but this life has felt more real than anything I’ve ever done.


On the road I’ve made some very bad experiences as well. I was shocked about the plastic pollution all around us. No matter if Norway, Portugal or Central Asia but something has to change! My awareness towards this global problem is bigger than ever and I was excited when I got the chance to work with VOITED.

My design represents a home on wheels within nature, a pure iconic image of van life and camping. Having my design printed on recycled plastic blankets that are versatile to use and save space in a tiny space like a van seemed like a very good combination!