Mizu Stainless Steel Lunch Box

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Mizu Stainless Steel Lunch Box Black
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    Mizu Stainless Steel Lunch Box Black
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    Product Details & Fit

    Introducing the VOITED x Mizu Stainless Steel Lunch Box, a collaborative creation designed for adventure enthusiasts. Crafted with Mizu's renowned expertise, this lunch box combines rugged durability with sleek functionality. Tailored for van lifers, campers, and hiking enthusiasts, the VOITED - Mizu Stainless Steel Lunch Box is an essential for those seeking a blend of resilience and practicality in their outdoor accessories. In alignment with VOITED's vision, this lunch box embodies eco-consciousness, durability, and high functionality. Join a community that values both adventure and environmental responsibility.

    For those who appreciate the freedom of minimalism and the joy of outdoor exploration, the VOITED - Mizu Stainless Steel Lunch Box is the embodiment of "Less Stuff, More Life."

    • Sturdy Stainless Steel Build: Engineered for resilience, the lunch box boasts a smash proof stainless steel body that can withstand the demands of your active lifestyle.
    • Leakproof Assurance: Specially designed locking buckles create an airtight seal, ensuring your meals stay fresh and secure during every escapade.
    • Lightweight Design: Despite its robust construction, the VOITED - Mizu Lunch Box remains remarkably lightweight, making it your perfect travel companion.

    Dimension & Weight

    Volume: 2150 ml / 73 oz

    * Dimensions:

    * Height: 80 mm / 3.2 in

    * Width: 193 mm / 7.6 in

    * Length: 250 mm / 9.8 in

    Weight: 670 gm / 1.48 lbs / 23.6 oz

    Insulated: No

    Do not freeze your Mizu container.

    Do not put your Mizu container in the microwave.

    Hand washing recommended.

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