Trooper or Poncho: Tailor Your Adventure with VOITED

Trooper or Poncho: Tailor Your Adventure with VOITED

Discover Your Ideal Outdoor Companion.

Introducing the Trooper: Your Versatile Outdoor Armor 

The Trooper isn't just gear; it's a revolution in outdoor comfort. Designed for those who refuse to be limited by the elements, the Trooper offers unparalleled versatility:

▼ Three Forms, One Gear: Seamlessly transitions from a protective poncho to a cozy blanket, and into a practical changing robe, adapting to your needs on the fly.
▼ Built for the Elements: With its eco-friendly, water-resistant shell and high-loft insulation, the Trooper ensures you're prepared for unpredictable weather while contributing to a healthier planet.
▼ Smart Features for Adventurers: Transforms effortlessly into a blanket for versatile comfort, includes a kangaroo pocket for warmth, and a zip pocket for essentials, making it the ultimate gear for surfers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize functionality and sustainability.

Embrace the ease of one size fits all with our oversized Trooper, designed to offer universal comfort and functionality for every adventurer. Whether you're changing out of your wetsuit by the beach or need an extra layer against the evening chill, the Trooper has you covered.

Meet the Poncho: Your Quick-Change Sanctuary

The Poncho is your swift solution to changing in the open, offering insulated warmth and privacy in a single, ingenious design:

▼ Designed for Discretion: Its oversized fit and extra-long cut provide ample space for easy, discreet changing, making it perfect for surfers and swimmers.
▼ Quick-Dry Comfort: Crafted from recycled materials with a towel-like interior, the Poncho not only supports the environment but also offers rapid drying and insulated warmth after emerging from the water.
▼ Convenience on the Go: Lightweight and packable, with a stormproof hood and accessible pockets, it's the ideal pick for those seeking a compact and practical changing solution without sacrificing comfort.

Choose your perfect fit from three distinct sizes in our Outdoor Poncho range, tailored for your comfort and convenience on any adventure. For post-dive warmth or a quick change after a rain-soaked hike, the Poncho offers simplicity and efficiency.

Making the Choice: Trooper or Poncho?

Both the Trooper and the Poncho embody VOITED's dedication to innovation, sustainability, and quality. Your choice depends on your adventure style: Do you seek the unmatched adaptability of the Trooper, or does the straightforward warmth and convenience of the Poncho better suit your needs? With VOITED, comfort and functionality are guaranteed, whichever you choose.

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